lightweight insulationNew Technoloy Roof & Wall Insulation Slab

Insulation Layer:
Warms in winter Cools in Summer Saves Energy Reduces Co2 emissions Protects against Structural damage
Concrete Partition:
It can either precast or cast in-situ. Special concrete posts are used for the construction of precast concrete partition walls.

Clean surface:
The surface of the exposed floor has to be smooth and free of dirt such as mortar and concrete residues or the like. Uneven exposed floor surfaces should be leveled before the sound-impact insulating panels made of Graypor are laid.

Avoid Gaps:
The impact-sound insulating layers made of Graypor have to be continuous. Gaps caused by pipes and the like considerably reduce the effectiveness. If Graypor impact-sound insulating panels are employed together with Graypor thermal insulating panels, the impact-sound insulating panels should be laid as the first layer. Exceptions to this are warranted if the Graypor thermal insulating panels have the function of a leveling layer, for example, for installation lines

Favorable environmental properties Incline components Easy handling and Processing Weight of the insulation Pressure Stability Thickness of the insulation layer Thermal conductivity Light weight & water proof.

lightweight insulation